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February 29 2008
Tell Us About Princeton! [

ByStudents, a new, entirely student-written guide to America’s top colleges, wants to hear what you think about Princeton University.

Do you love it? Hate it? Something you wish you could change?

Go to www.bystudents.com/princeton, fill out our survey and tell the world what Princeton is actually like. Your review will likely be published on our website, and may be featured in a forthcoming series of college guidebooks. All reviews are encouraged: positive, negative, so-so. The more information we get, the better we can represent your school.


September 3 2006
Hello! [

Hey everyone! Just found this community and thought I'd sign up and say hi! I'm Laura from Wales and I'm coming to Princeton (in just two days!!) for the Fall Semester as part of an exchange from Oxford. Very exciting!
I'm in Wilson - Gauss Hall - which I hear isn't the greatest. Can anyone tell me more?
x x x x
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August 2 2006
Yodel. [

Hello everybuddies:

I was stumbling about the misty depths of LJ when I tripped over this (very pretty!) community. I'm Yvon, history major and prospective creative writing minor in '08, and a friend of Nick's. Also, I administer the Forbes Facebook community (anyone in the Inn?). I tried my damndest to get an RA-ship but failed, yet I have recovered from the disappointment sufficiently now to put myself at your mercies. Questions, comments, putrid citrus fruits welcomed (I suggest you comment on my LJ or email me-- yiwenw@). You all should also friend me, because I like vivisecting myself gorily in front of lots of people <3.

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July 24 2006

I have a quick question. Does anyone know if we can take a freshman seminar through the residential colleges both fall and spring semester? Or just one?

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June 26 2006

Hey kids! I'm Phyllis Heitjan, and...I'm bad at introductions, so Facebook me! And click on this: www.phyllisheitjan.com

Congrats to everyone. It's going to be amazing going to school with you guys! :)
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